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   The Current Events section of Christyland is where you can read all the last news on Christy. There are also back issues containing information on her previous work. Due to the tendency for gossip in Chinese magazines, all information listed in this section may not be valid unless stated otherwise.
December 17, 1999

The poster says "Movie star in the center of the 20th Century". 


December 16, 1999

At the opening of Kenny Bee's golf course.  


December 16, 1999

More pics of the opening.  


December 16, 1999

Christy shares cotton candy with her friend Kenny Bee at the opening of his new golf course..  


December 10, 1999

News reporters keep questioning Christy about her marriage. Christy insists that her relationship with her husband has no problems..  


December 6, 1999

Christy not only loves people but has a heart for the environment as well.  Here she is at Kowloon Park for the 1999 opening ceremony of the Environmental Protection festival.  Her husband was also there.  


November 22, 1999

C hristy wins the Jackie Chan cup!!! So, what did she do with it??? She gave it to her daughter Yasmine.  Yasmine uses it to drink milk! More coverage of the race coming soon!!!


November 9, 1999

C hristy was seen at the Hong Kong airport with her parents.  We can see that Christy resembles both of her parents...her father's smile and her mother's big eyes. 


November 2, 1999

S tar East updated their site, they have some new pics and some new videos too! Check out the links section to visit Star East. 


October 31, 1999

C hristy attended a Halloween Rave party as a cute Leprechaun  Her fuzzy green undies attracted a lot of attention!!


October 31, 1999

M ore pics from the Halloween bash!  Christy sure loves to party!

October 31, 1999

T ake it off!, she tells him! Christy jokes around with this Baywatch wannabe.   


September 30, 1999

A t a charity event Christy Chung Lai Tai along with Ada Choi Siu Fung,  Anne Heung Hoi Nam, Janet Ma Si Wai and TVB chief manager Ho Ting Kun hands a charity check to a representative

September 29, 1999

F amous cinematographer Arthur Wong Ngok Tai and Law Sau Wai officially became husband and wife after 7 years of romance at the banquet, Christy Chung Lai Tai and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing passed each other by.

September 28, 1999

S TAR EAST's website officially opened today. Many features including Christy Chung Lai Tai teaches visitors how to say "I love you" in French, a free Christy wallpaper, exclusive video on her photo shoots and more!!

September 27, 1999

A aron Kwok Fu Sing takes the long way to avoid rumored ex Christy Chung Lai Tai. (We have no idea what this writer is talking about).

September 24, 1999

At the HONG KONG premiere of EYES WIDE SHUT : Christy Chung Lai Tai is sorry that her family can't unite for the Mid Autumn Festival and declines to comment on Aaron Kwok Fu Sing

September 15, 1999

Christy Chung Lai Tai two nights ago attended the premiere of RUNNING OUT OF TIME (UM JIN) with her American manager. Christy even revealed that she is very interested in the lead role of Johnnie To Kei Fung's new film CHUT CHOI JUNG MO YIM (SEVEN COLOR CHUNG MO YIM). Christy said, "In the past all of my roles are flower vase roles, this time I have seen the design of Chung Mo Yim and feel that this role has room for development. I hope I have the chance to play the role." To Kei Fung was caught a little off guard by the comment. "We can't just say okay and everything will go as planned! The script isn't ready yet, nothing is set!"

August 2, 1999

ORIENT 4's famous hairstylist Boffy opened a EROS4 hair salon in Taipei with a Hair Show and Christy was one of the models used in the show.

July 7, 1999

Christy Chung Lai Tai yesterday participated in a costume fitting for a RTHK show about movies. According to the director See Kit Ling, this part of the show, YANKEE SHAOLIN, is about Hong Kong artists who are now in Hollywood. The heroine Tai Tai would play would be Yeung Chi King. The story is about Tai Tai who returns after a failed marriage and finally succeeds due to her personal effort.

Tai Tai would work for three days. Though the compensation would not be lucrative, she felt that the show would help promote the depressed local film industry and that the role has potentials so she took it.She admitted that previously she gave an impression that she was only a flower vase.

 After being away from show business for awhile, she hoped that her return would make a new impression on the audience. She joked, "I hope I can brainwash the audience so they know that I can actually act and don't have to be a flower vase!" She believes that besides an action actor, she also excels in comedy.

Also, currently she is working a book which she hopes would be on the market before Christmas. However, she is not at liberty to reveal the content yet.

July 7, 1999

Christy gets the attention of "Mini me" at the Austin Power II (The Spy Who Shagged Me) premiere in HK.

June 27, 1999

Christy is taking Wing Chun, a type martial arts!!

June 18, 1999


(SING SING, MING PAO DAILY, 6/18/1999) Christy Chung Lai Tai just returned from America where she met with Peter Chan Ho Sun and Stanley Tong Kwai Lai. When asked if Tong Kwai Lai has asked her to star in NGOK FEI, Chung Lai Tai expressed that negotiation is only in its initial stages and nothing is confirmed yet.

fight.jpg (15231 bytes)

If she stars in NGOK FEI, would she feel awkward working with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing (they were an item once)? Chung Lai Tai said she would not feel awkward working with anyone and she believed that collaboration would be well done. Though she appeared Westernized and NGOK is a costume film, she has starred in two costume films in the past, TAI CHI 2 and BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR 2 so that should not be difficult for her.

Chung Lai Tai has a few movies in negotiation currently both in Hong Kong and America. She did not eliminate the possibility of Hollywood becoming her development base.

June 16, 1999

Christy at a premiere kisses Theresa Lee Yi Hung's boyfriend hello.

June 10, 1999

The Singapore edition of the British magazine FHM selected 20 sexiest Asian women. Christy was voted third place. She beat stars such as Gong Li who was eighth, Faye Wong who was fifteenth, and Michelle Yeoh who was sixteenth.

April 14, 1999

Erno Laszlo's 1999 Fitness Awards were handed out. Among the winners were: Michelle Reis(Lee Ka-Yan), Christy Chung Lai-Tai, Cass Phang Ling, and Anita Yuen Wing-Yi. Reis did not attend the ceremony but she did accept the award beforehand. Among the advice given to maintain fitness were: drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Christy Chung also suggests that you get plenty of sun.

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April 5, 1999

Christy Chung Lai-Tai has been doing very well shooting commercials. In this commercial for a Taiwanese company, which earned Christy a reported seven-figure salary, Christy appears taking a shower. During filming Christy caused a stir when she demanded that the water she be rinsed off with be Evian water. Flabbergasted, the director and the crew did not know how to react. At that point, Christy started to laugh and revealed that she was just joking.

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March 21, 1999

Christy is now a model and spokesperson  for a cosmetic company!! 

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March 13, 1999

The Dream come true! On March 13, 1999, our dream at Christyland finally came true. Christy Chung was in town and not only did we get the opportunity to meet this talented and beautiful star but we also got autographs for some of her fans.

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Yes, you have a chance of winning Christy's autograph which will be posted up in the What's new section once we figure out what kind of contest to hold!! Christy has not only the looks but a wonderful personality as well. She answered many of the questions that you've been asking.

Please write us and let us know what you'd like to see in Christyland while we are doing massive reconstruction on this new site.

Current News

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