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July 30, 2000



    Welcome to  the  magnificent  land of  Christy Chung. In  this   land, you  will  have the opportunity to explore  the  life of   this  beautiful actress and  model. Have  fun and enjoy your stay here!!

     In 1993, a talented girl, representing Montreal, Canada, entered a TVB Miss Chinese International  Pageant. She  has a  smile   that no one  can   resist.

     With her trademark  smile, Christy captured  the judges' votes  and she WON  the pageant! She later began  a career as  an actress / model and became well known to  the Whole World with her many movies.

    She speaks many languages which includes, English, Cantonese, Vietnamese, French, and Mandarin.

You can now contact Christyland through ICQ!! Just download the ICQ program at:

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and add us. Our ICQ# is 34819605 Now we can chat about Christy in real time!

Christyland recommends Fans to use NetSonic when using the Internet. It's 80% times faster!!!

     Christyland has gone through many different  changes  to satisfy the needs of    her  fans  but  we  still  do not have enough   info on  what  else you would  like  to see. If   you  have  any  ideas or other information about Christy, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at:

     This page is a dedication to Christy. Christy, if  you are reading this.. Thank You  for  being  such a  wonderful  and caring actress!!  Please read  the guest- book  to  see what  your  fans  have  to say. I  wish you  the  best of luck in the future.

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