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Sexy Christy Keeps It all Under Wraps! Double Exposure, Straits Times - 4/16/97

by Suzanne Sng

Questions about holiday with former husband fail to shake the new Asian 
version of computer babe Lara Croft, complete with boots and bare mid-riff 
         CURVACEOUS Christy Chung does not believe in revealing too much.
Not her body. Not her personal life. 
            Probing questions about her secret divorce late last year -- her 
marriage to British spa consultant Glen Ross lasted less than three years 
-- are met with rehearsed replies. 
            Inquisitive queries about how much skin she will bare in an upcoming 
photo expose are deflected with ease. 
            "I don't want to reveal too much," she says of the photo book 
planned for later this year that will surely send male temperatures 
soaring. With a saucy throw of her newly-dyed maroon tresses, the 
29-year-old, who was born in Canada, adds: "Otherwise, there's nothing left to the imagination, no more fantasy." 
            As for the breakdown of her marriage -- it was a shotgun wedding to Ross, 33, after she had baby Yasmine 
three years ago -- she fields the questions with ease, but her answers at a press conference here on Wednesday are 
a little too pat for comfort. 
            "Oh no, I'm not offended by questions about my private life," she says without any hint of awkwardness. 
            "What other human beings go through, I go through, too. My divorce, for instance, is something I went through." 
            She is in town to unveil her latest image for Marie France Bodyline -- she is now the Asian version of computer 
game babe Lara Croft, complete with boots and bare mid-riff. 
            But she stops short of revealing anything that has not already been printed and quoted. 
            For one, she confirms that they are still on amicable terms and parted because of "personality differences". 
            According to Hongkong newspapers, the couple even embarked on a recent trip to the Maldives together with 
their three-year-old daughter. What is more amazing, her former hubby even turned amateur photographer and snapped 
holiday shots of her topless and Yasmine in the buff. 
            But ask her about that holiday and she mouths those familiar words again: "We're still friends. We may be 
separated, but we're still friends." 
            Obviously a pro at the game of question and answer, she tackles deeply-personal questions while, at the same
 time, flashing mega-watt smiles at the hungry photographers milling around. 
            If she is in pain over the break-up, she does not show any outward signs. 
            Radiant and overwhelmingly-confident, she appears in a new TV commercial for Marie France Bodyline, the 
slimming centre she thanks for giving back her figure after childbirth. 
            The ads began airing two nights ago. 
            She has a flaming new hair colour for a "fresh look", as she was "getting a little bored". 
            On top of that, she has just completed filming for her first Cantonese (it will probably be dubbed in Mandarin 
for Singapore) movie in three years, Shen Qing Nong Qing (Deep Feelings Strong Feelings), and for a change, does not 
take on the decorative "flower vase" role. 
            As the gun-toting manager of a professional killer, played by Simon Yam, she even gets to kick some ass. 
            The former Miss Chinese International (1993) and alleged ex-girlfriend of Heavenly King Aaron Kwok has starred 
in more than 20 Hongkong comedies in the five years since winning the beauty title. 
            "The break really helped me learn," she reveals of the three years when she stepped away from the bright lights 
to have a baby and enjoy a little bit of married life. 
            "I got to experience life more, and that is a plus for my acting career." 

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